v.intr. e tr.,sec. XIII; comp. di 1male e dire, cfr. lat. maldicere.

 To curse, old italian for bitching.

 However,  Maldire is more than just a word.


  To us its also more than plain dance wear, the hours spent sat on a yoga matt or the occasional cursing in front of a new casting.


At Maldire, we are proud to create clothing that gives our customers an edge above and beyond the conventional range of dance wear available.

Each piece is handmade in Italy with a dedicated team to ensure all the finishing touches are met with an attention to detail. 

Every print, every collection has a story, to some degree connected, with the theatres and the people and the aesthetics that accompanied me through my turbulent dancing years,

and to the person I have become.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.