v.intr. e tr.,sec. XIII; comp. di 1male e dire, cfr. lat. maldicere.

 To curse, old italian for bitching.

 However,  Maldire is more than just a word.


  To me it`s also way more than dance wear,  the hours I spent sat on a yoga matt or the cussing in front of a new casting.


At Maldire, we are proud to create clothing that gives our customers an edge above and beyond the conventional range of dance wear available.

We work ethically and produce entirely in the Venetian countryside, where I was born and trying to be as sustainable as possible.

We work by choice with the highest quality materials, in order to produce garments that last for years, and that can be passed from dancer to dancer through time.

What we cannot improve, we compensate with charity, supporting different causes worldwide.

Every print has a story, and a meaning. Because visuality like  words shouldn`t be empty.  And because i wanted to give a voice

to whoever felt unseen, for an hour or a lifetime, like I have.

Maldire are the creatures i made up in my head when I was escaping from my messes.

I hope you enjoy the humanity, the weakness and the intimacy of it as much as I do